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When purchasing your gates and railings, there are three options available on the finish of the metalwork:

Option 1 - Red Primer Paint

Option 2 - Galvanised 

Option 3 - Galvanised and Powder Coat Painted 

  • Red Primer Paint is a primer specifically made for ferrous metals. It adds a layer of protection to your gates and also prepares your gates for further coats of paint.   Please note, this is not a finish coat of paint and gates will have to be painted as soon as possible following installation.  

  • Galvanising is a process in which the gates are coated in a layer of zinc - a process which involves dipping the gates into a bath of molten Zinc. This will protect the iron from rust and corrosion. Gates that are galvanised will be free from corrosion for up to 70 years and have a silver / grey finish. 

  • Powder coating is a painting process by which galvanised steel is electrostatically coated in a powder form paint which is then heated to about 200 degrees to fuse into a protective layer. This leaves the gates with an attractive and durable finish that will last a very long time. Gates can be powder coated in a variety of colours; however it is important to note that this process can only be conducted on galvanised products.

  • Galvanising and powdercoating combined form the ultimate barrier to protect your gates against the elements leaving you with a product that has great longevity.  

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